Drops to Wellness offers natural modalities focusing on Raindrop Technique and quantum DNA healing called Unity Field Healing.

Unity Field Healing is a NEW modality in the world of Energy Medicine! In evolution since 2012, when the early information guiding its development was first received by Dr. John Ryan, it has grown into a powerful and respected modality for healing and catalyzing profound personal transformation! As it is healing through the quantum energy field of the DNA, this can be conducted in-person or remotely.

Raindrop Technique is a combination of aromatherapy, unique gentle massage, reflex points, and therapeutic grade essential oils applied on your spine and on the feet. It is designed to bring balance to the body and mind! Experience the benefits of Raindrop Technique with the only Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS) in New Hampshire. Check the Directory of Approved CARE Raindrop Facilitators for other states.

Raindrop Technique

Special method of applying therapeutic essential oils to the spine and feet with health benefits such as:

  • detoxification of the body.

  • reduces stress.

  • supports blood and lymph circulation.

  • supports the immune system.

  • non-manipulative means of re-aligning the body.

  • balances the body and rejuvenates the mind.

Unity Field Healing

The new modality of Energy Medicine!


Your Quantum DNA provides an energetic bridge between “you” and your deeper spiritual nature.


UFH catalyzes an awakening or an empowerment of this connection to provide a recalibration with the deeper healing potential that originates in your own innate divinity

Therapeutic Essential Oils

We use Young Living essential oils exclusively as they are the only essential oils we know of that fulfill all the standards for Non-GMO, Organic and 100% pure therapeutics grade.

These oils are different from the store bought essential oils as they have therapeutic qualities to help with our body, mind and spirit.

Raindrop Technique Testimonial


As part of our educational services, information sessions on Raindrop Technique, therapeutic oils, and Vitaflex Technique will be offered.

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