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Raindrop Technique

History Of Raindrop Technique
What is Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique originated in the 1980s from the research of D. Gary Young. Working with a Lakota medicine man, Wallace Black Elk, he learnt that the Lakota people believed that when the Aurora Borealis was visible, the air is charged with healing energy. They practiced this energy process coupled with a light stroking. Raindrop Technique incorporates this special form of stroking from the Lakota called “feathered finger-stroking” along the spine which facilitates the spreading of healing energy of the Aurora Borealis through the body.

What Is Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique is a method of applying oils to the feet and back. It has tremendous benefits. Developed by Gary Young initially to help with scoliosis. However, it works so well in supporting the entire body including the emotional and spiritual systems that Raindrop Technique is now used to help in a wide array of issues and to support our general health.

Raindrop Technique also incorporates Vitaflex technique and the power of essential oils in bringing the body into structural and electrical alignment. The term, “Vitaflex”, means “Vitality through the Reflexes” and was coined by Stanley Burroughs, who brought this ancient Tibetan healing method to the West around 1920s. Vitaflex utilizes the piezoelectric property of the human skin, that is, when even a slight pressure is applied to the body surface, a voltage is generated and electric charges move accordingly. It involves the gentle pressing and rolling of the fingertips at specific Vitaflex points. The currants so generated are thought to be of therapeutic value.


Raindrop Technique is consistent with the French model for aromatherapy. It uses a sequence of essential oils that are immune enhancing, supporting the body's natural defenses, as well as the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous, and other body systems.

How Raindrop Technique Got It's Name

Essential oils are dispensed like drops of rain from a height about 6 inches along the spine. It feels like rain drops gently striking your spine, and it is very relaxing and comforting. The theory of dropping oils from this height is to allow the oils, which possess electromagnetic properties, to fall through the electromagnetic field of the client before touching the skin. The oils are thought to interact with the client’s electric field in a beneficial way before being absorbed through the skin.

Benefits Of Raindrop Technique

There are numerous benefits of Raindrop Technique, some of which are listed below. The benefits from Raindrop Technique may not all be apparent immediately following the session. Adjustments can continue for the next few days.

Helps Detox the Body Systems – The essential oils being high in phenols cleanse cellular receptor sites and enhance the lymphatic system detox of the body.

Re-aligns the Spine in a Non-manipulative Manner – Microbes along the spine contribute to deformities and can be the cause of spinal diseases such as scoliosis. The essential oils of oregano, marjoram, thyme and basil have anti-viral and/or anti-bacterial properties. Most people experience a slight increase in their height! This is due to the realignment of the spine and detoxification along the spinal column.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety – Not only can the essential oils enhance positive emotions such as joy and happiness, but they can also help us release negative emotions that are subconsciously stored on a cellular level.

Supports Immune System – Thyme and oregano essential oils are known in supporting the immune system. Also the body will be releasing toxins and eliminating viruses and bacteria which ultimately strengthen the immune system and your overall health.

Helps Reduces Inflammation in the Body – Three known, natural anti-inflammatory essential oils, wintergreen, thyme and peppermint, are used in this technique.

Relaxes Muscles and Helps Ease Muscle Discomfort – Muscles that are sore, spastic or stressed will also benefit. Basil, wintergreen, marjoram, cypress and peppermint essential oils and the massage oil blend Ortho Ease, help relieves muscle discomfort. 

Supports Lymphatic and Blood Circulation – The essential oils of cypress, marjoram and peppermint all have properties that increase circulation and/or act as a circulatory stimulant.

Balances and Re-aligns the Energy Centers of the Body – The combination of techniques brings electrical and structural alignment to the body. The essential oil blend of Valor helps the body center and ground itself.

Supports Emotional Well Being and Release – Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and effects the limbic system where emotions are stored.

Raindrop Technique Essential Oils

Essential oils used in Raindrop Technique are of the highest quality and 100% pure therapeutic grade. All essential oils used are by Young Living as it is the only company with the Seed to Seal process ensuring the highest quality and purity of each essential oil and protecting nature’s living energy in every bottle produced.



essential oil

  • Cleanses cellular receptor sites.

  • One of the most powerful oils in helping the body’s natural defenses.



essential oil

  • Supports body’s immune system.

  • Studies have shown that it attacks bacteria, parasites and other organisms that do not belong in the body.



essential oil

  • Addresses the muscular system of the body.

  • Can be relaxing to both voluntary and involuntary muscles.

  • Mentally energizing and invigorating.



essential oil

  • Addresses the skeletal system.

  • Has a cortisone-like effect which is excellent for joints and bones.

  • Scent is stimulating and invigorating.



essential oil

  • Relieves body and joint discomfort.

  • Soothes muscles.

  • Is a general relaxant.



essential oil

  • Excellent support for the cardiovascular system.

  • Good support for blood and lymph circulation.



essential oil blend

  • A calming massage oil blend of vegetable oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

  • Helps soothe muscles aches and minor swelling.



essential oil blend

  • Emotional effect is to give one courage.

  • Helps to remove emotional blockages.

  • Stimulates structural adjustments in the body.

  • Balances the energy in the body.



essential oil

  • Addresses the nervous system

  • Supports the digestive system and the respiration system.

  • Is a synergistic oil that amplifies and supports the beneficial actions of all other previous oils.

What Others Are Saying

Linda, New Boston

I look forward to my Raindrop Therapy each month!  When Chin-Sim measures my height after the session, my spine has extended nearly an inch! The essential oils,  soothing music, and her therapeutic touch feel very healing.

Erline, Manchester

For years I wanted someone to do the Raindrop Therapy on me and at last here is Chin-Sim being willing to offer this special technique.  I couldn't ask for a better experience. A lovely environment, comfort, healing vibrational sounds during the process. And then there is Chin-Sim herself. Dedicated, focused, engaging with her own healing presence during the process of applying Young Living Essential Oils to your Vita-Flex points on your feet and spine.  My particular issues are arthritis and nerve pressure.  The obvious absence of pain afterwards is one result for which I am grateful and the feeling of well being that lingers all day. It is the deep healing that is occurring over time that interests me the most. I am so grateful for Chin-Sim for being inspired to share this special technique.  We are lucky to have her.

Tiko, Yogjakarta

Chin Sim’s session was powerful. I had a very profound one. It was very relaxing yet empowering. She’s very intuitive with points of pressure and selection of oils needed. The very gentle touch was purifying and cleansing. The selection of oils were really soothing. I had never taken soft and gentle pressure massages like this before. I really appreciated and enjoyed so much the single droplets of oils. It was so small yet powerful. I’ve never thought that I can enjoy the journey. I had multiple past life regressions during my session and received few confirmation messages which helped me to answer some of my questions. The journey was relaxing yet powerful and healing. Thank you for your passion, love, and offering to me.


"A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique" by David Stewart, Ph.D., D.N.M, is a scientific study including data collected from thousands of Raindrop Technique sessions. The outcomes of more than 14,000 raindrop session are summarized in this book.


Besides statistical data, there are 74 brief written testimonials that bring to light some of the benefits of raindrop that cannot be expressed in numbers. This book in the studio if you would like to read through it.

"Vibrational Raindrop Technique" by Christi Bonds-Garrett, M.A., M.D., FCCI, CAP

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